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Getting It Together Is Action! Movement IN Your Life Systems!

Movement in your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Life Domains to produce the desired result of TRANSFORMATION and elevation into your PURPOSE!

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Unique & Professional Coaching

Not only does La Shaun have the ability to discern your needs and the best approach to meet them, she connects and builds rapport easily & quickly with clients when time is of the essence.

La Shaun makes it her business to keep your  business, YOUR business! Confidentiality and professionalism are a high priority for your privacy needs.

Resilience Coaching

Cultivating Balance In Your (M.E.P.S.) = Resilience


Lack of balance in any of our Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual systems  is the reason we experience stress, frustration, sadness and just about evey negative feeling we experience. 

La Shaun will help you create a personalized success plan, provide the tools needed to implement it and support you in the process of achieving balance in the area(s) you are struggling in. Maintaining healthy boundaries and balance is essential to increasing resileince and living out a purpose driven, fulfilling life. 



With La Shaun as your Resilience Coach you will have the support you need  to confront the broken places in these areas of your life. With loving guidance, humor and keen intuitive skills  La Shaun will help BUILD YOUR RESILIENCE MUSCLE, identify your unique PURPOSE and eliminate the confusion and frustration that often accompany natural life TRANSITIONS.

Getting It Together


Let's partner up. Using my unique gifts and skill set I will guide you to achieve the balance you desire and the healing you deserve. I'm invested in your transformation and self development. Utilizing my natural abilities I will help you find yours and make the transition from comfort zone to triumph. Let's get it! Together!


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