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What La Shaun Brings To The Table

Professionalism and Experience


  As a Certified Intuitive Coach La Shaun specializes in Developing Intutition, Increasing Resilience, Purpose Driven and Transitional Coaching. She has accumulated many tools and interventions over the years to assist her client's in decreasing problematic behaviors and thought patterns that hinder the true joy of living in alignment with one's purpose and derail the progress that can be birthed from life's pivotal transitional periods.  La Shaun has served in the mental health and social services field for over 22 years. Over the course of her professional career she has had the privilege to have been trained and Certified in many enriching disciplines such as Life Space Crisis Intervention, Cognitive behavior Therapy, Understanding Trauma, Using Core Gifts, Mental Health First Aide, Cultural Competency and Cultural Humility as well as Mindfulness training just to name a few. La Shaun is also an ordained minister. For additional details on La Shaun's professional training and experience please access the Professional Curriculum Vitae located on the Customized Services page.


La Shaun has counseled, coached, supported and guided countless families and individuals facing major life crisis and navigating unique challenging dynamics. It is La Shaun's true calling and life passion to coach and guide other's into being a better version of themselves. Whether you are:


 An empty nester or college student struggling with how to navigate and  repurpose your life.

Feeling the helplessness of dysfunctional relationships and poor choices.

Your family dynamics need to be strengthened.

 An individual who is seeking a better version of themselves.

 A leader who is struggling to manage a toxic work environment.

Recovering  from or in the process of a bad break-up or divorce.

 La Shaun is seasoned, compassionate and wise. Invest in yourself!  Let her help you with Getting It Together!  



Hey  luvs! I'm La Shaun Aaron, a Southern California native currently residing in the sunny Conejo Valley. I'm an adoptive single parent of a very active teenage son. In my life I don't just teach others HOW TO  DEVEOLP THEIR INTUITIVE SELF, BUILD THEIR RESILIENCE MUSCLE , TRANSFORM and REPURPOSE their lives to live a PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE.


I have experienced an incredible amount of adversity in my life. tThrough these experiences I have learned not only to adapt quickly but trust  Intuition and have managed to acquire a unique and strong ability to be RESILIENT having to master many rebirths and TRANSITIONS in life.


I grew up with both parents being frequently incarcerated which meant an unstable living environment for me. I'm a survivor of domestic violence, growing up with family members who suffered mental health and substance abuse issues in my immediate family circle. Despite of the tremendous chaos and uncertainty I beat the odds by constantly having to reinvent myself and being determined to persevere! I relied on my faith and did the work necessary for restoration and to manifest HEALING for a better version of me. I managed not only to conquer the fear and dysfunction but to overcome and teach others to utilize their unique gifts to succeed as well. By combining my spirituality, education, intuition and keen ability to tap into the needs and gifts of others it is my passion to empower, inspire, motivate and guide you into DEVELOPING YOUR INTUITION BUILDING RESILIENCE MUSCLE & LIVING OUT A PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE.

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