Mindfulness 4 Mommies

Empowerment, Education and Affirmation For Today's Mommies


Motherhood is CRAY! Being a mommie can be filled with so much joy and yet create so much fear and anxiety.

 I have coached and counseled so many mommies suffering in isolation afraid of being found out and being judged. Which is why I was inspired to create Mindfulness 4 Mommies.

Mindfulness 4 Mommies is a faith based perspective coaching course, group and community for mommies who desire to act with intentions of mindfulness to combat the anxiety, worry, stress, discouragement and other negative feelings, thoughts and actions that do more harm than good. My mission to educate, empower and affirm you to create a mindset shift that is life lasting in cultivating harmony & balance in the unpredictable life of being a mommie.

Mindfulness -conscious or aware of something; focusing one's awareness on the present moment, especially as part of a therapeutic or meditative technique.

How do you know this content is for you? 

Are you an...

Insecure mommie?

Discouraged mommie?

Depressed mommie?

Stressed mommie?

Angry mommie?

Overwhelmed mommie?

Doubtful mommie?

Defeated mommie?

Anxious mommie?

Frustrated mommie?

Scared mommie?

Sad mommie?

Ouch! Well, now that we’ve got that out of the way here’s what I can offer you!

Topics explored but not limited to the following: 

· How to stop chasing perfection (triggers- what, when, where, how, why)

· How to respect my (as in you) unique style of parenting

· Trashing the comparison game and how to step out of the comparison trap

· How to delegate and ask for help (find my village)

· Being in the moment without judging (myself, it, them, us)

· Learn to chillax vs freak out 

· Meeting and accepting your kiddo(s) where they are

· Shifting from mommie “fail” to lesson learned

· Letting yourself off the hook and accepting what is -today

· How to use grounding techniques

· Meditation and prayer for peace and clarity

· Calm breathing techniques

· Standing still

· Intentional acts of being self-full (self- care)

Group is 6 months rotating with sessions every 2 weeks. Membership includes 15-20 minute mid -point individual coaching sessions. Members can purchase additional sessions to support implementation of course content.

Each group session will consist of content relevant to mindfulness and motherhood. Group members will also have unlimited access to purchased content, additional information, live chats with coach La Shaun and ongoing community.

Join Us Now!

No more runing from the mess or letting the mess run you! Time to embrace the imperfections and come to peace with the reality of our flaws as well as acknowledge our strengths and unique gifts we have as women and as mommies. Don't spend another day feeling doubtful, anxious or depleted! Join our Mindfulness 4 Mommies community today!

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