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Light It Up! Podcast with La Shaun & Guest

Be inspired by shared unapologetic truths, fears doubts, triumphs and whatever else comes up!

Truth Talks With La Shaun

If You Make a Promise to Yourself Keep it! 

Are You Consistent Where It Matters? Your Next Level Of Success Depends On Your Faithfullnes.

Ain't nobody got time for that! Learn to be stingy with your time and still do good works.

Got frequent boundary violaters? Listen to how I deal with them.

Rock your Monday in gratitude! Just say no to limiting beliefs!

Did you grow up in survival mode?

Coach La Shaun's Purpose Driven Power Up Pointers!

Complications Are Your Catalyst To Greatness!

Got Stinking Thinkin? Just Say No To Limiting Beliefs!

 Limiting Beliefs are a common downfall we all share at times. Here's some tips and tools to cut it out. No more stinkin' thinkin". Mindest is everything!


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