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Executive #Bosslady Wellness Retreat 2019!


Ok Boss Ladies! Enter summer with a breakthrough and some much needed self - care. This exclusive event is just what the doctor ordered! Only 16 spots available for the "Executive #Bosslady Wellness Retreat 2019"

Retreat includes a 3 day stay at an exclusive luxury location that will be disclosed upon confirmation of attendance (deposit). Included in pricing are two group "breakthrough" coaching sessions, (1) one hour individual follow up coaching session for each attendee (additional sessions available at regular fee), 30 minute massage therapy (additional sessions at regular fee) per day per person, guided group meditation once daily. Three meals per day included unless opt out from attendee.

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Single Mother's Community Group (Ongoing)

Support. Encouragement. Building your village! RSVP  to attend. 

Contact (805) 380-5619


Group meets every other Thursday at 6:30p-8p with a short networking sesh afterwards beginning Thursday July 12th @ 280 E. Thousand Oaks, Blvd. Suite D

Thousand Oaks, CA 91361


Learn to Use Your Intuition to Improve All Areas of Your Life!

 Are you tired of letting bad choices get the best of you or seeking to improve your success rate in your career, dating, parenting and all other areas of your life? If that's your deal you're going to want to attend this workshop.

I'm going to share practical steps and techniques to utilize to help you tap into your God given gift of intuition that will save you money, heartbreaks, stresss, anxiey and frustration in life.

Register at - Online Appointments

Come and bring a friend! Tickets $40 pre-sale $45 at the door. 

Payment accepted via PaPal, Venmo and Chase Pay. 

 280 E. Thousand Oaks blvd. Suite D 

Thousand Oaks, Ca 91361


Slay Your Giants Group Coaching!

Slay Your Giants!


If you fully commit to experience new beginnings and no longer be overwhelmed by anxiety and held hostage by fear you'll want to join this coaching group led by La Shaun Aaron who has successfully coached people with many different life challenges for over 22 + years with her Intuitive & Practical Life Coaching style.


The group will help you identify, heal and slay whatever giants you have so you can move forward with healing, restoration and transformation with a renewed sense of peace and accomplishment.

Most negative feelings and emotions overcome us when our life systems are unbalanced (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual). This happens when something is off in our life domains (relationships, family dynamics, career, etc.) It's time to commit to creating balance and slaying those giants to experience freedom!


 We will start with prayer (you can meditate if you feel more comfortable doing so) as this is our foundation. We, then will flow through the group with each member having a chance to share their giant, steps they are taking to slay, and progress made. Each person will also recieve feedback from myself and the group as well coaching- specific tools, interventions, strategies and advice from me on how to move conquer and slay your giants.

You must RSVP AND show up for group. Group is combination of in- person and online meetings (as a convenience for those who cannot attend in-person) group fee is $35 for the first session (cash on arrival or in advance through my website ( Introductory sessions are offered on the last Friday of each month. Please RSVP before 12p noon the day of the meeting and pay promptly. If the group is a good fit you can sign up for the monthly coaching program. The Slaying Giants Group is $65/month which provides two in-person or online group sessions and access to a private online group space to discuss assignments, connect with accountability partners, and keep on track with the goals you set.


Group starts Friday, December 28th 2018 6:30p-8:30p and will continue to meet monthly, every 4th Friday of each month.


280 E.Thousand Oaks Blvd., Suite D

Thousand Oaks, CA 91361

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Women's Wisdom Circle

 So many of us are walking around with not just a story but lessons and questions and soul food for the next person but we don' t have an environment or even know how we begin to share  

I created this Women's Wisdom Circle to give us all as women a safe, nurturing place where we can all empower, share, learn, heal and grow with one another.

Radiate love. Be each other's blessings. Share wisdom and  cultivate a sisterhood no matter what our culture, class or status or role we play in life, we can connect with each other as the spiritual beings we are living out this natural experience together.

Our circle is monthly. 

Each circle is $15 We will begin with introductions and discuss specific topics as they pertain to our growth and healing. 

Following the circle there will be an opportunity for networking so if you have a business bring your marketing materials and if you are thinking of starting a business come prepared to take notes.

Meet us @ 280 E Thousand Oaks Blv, Suite D

Thousand Oaks, CA 91361

Owning Your Dreams

 We'll start with introductions and then move into a short prayer and meditation.

Following prayer/meditation we will then dive into the different types of dreams people have and the significance of symbolism, numbers, colors, themes and emotions in dreams.

We will then explore your individual dreams in a group setting and I will interpret based on the information shared with me as well as share insight into potential root causes for your dream based on your personal life situations that you have shared.

Please be considerate of potentially sensitive information being shared and be respectful of other's concerns and experiences.

If you would like additional guidance and dream analysis schedule a private session with me at any time before or after our group meetup.

*Light refreshments will be provided.

*To ensure there is enough space and accurate materials payment is due at time of RSVP. Below are payment options. If you would like to pay in person please contatct me to make arrangements. 


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